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They survived a historically unique epidemic & are still here


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They survived a historically unique epidemic & are still here

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Read "'I Spent Decades Planning to Die.' What It's Like to Survive HIV for More Than 30 Years" article in Time for By founder Tez Anderson.

We are strong and proud survivors of a historically unique epidemic.

Imagine being in your twenties and being told you have two years to live. You watched your loved ones and community die in huge numbers. Attended so many funerals they are all blur.

Then imagine NOT dying but thinking you will at any moment for 25 or 35 years? Now you are aging with HIV and living a life you never expected, much less planned for.

Let's Kick ASS—AIDS Survivor Syndrome is a national grassroots movement of HIV Long-Term Survivors, honoring the unique and profound experience of living through AIDS epidemic.

The organization is dedicated to reclaiming lives, ending isolation, and helping long-term survivors envision a future that they once might not have dreamed we'd live.

We're continuing to raise awareness about the half-million people who came of age during the 1980s and '90s when having HIV was considered a death sentence.

We announced the results of a study on AIDS Survivor Syndrome, coined by our founder, Tez Anderson. The short version is that is real and that 25% of older adults are living with something they do not understand. Read the article about the results


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Our goal is to address the psychosocial, mental, and behavioral determinants of health and illness among long-term survivors everywhere. Our focus is to help heal the trauma of those who survived the AIDS epidemic by strengthening survivors' resilience. We are building a community, and ultimately making survivors'' lives a better, emulating the same togetherness that brought people together at the height.

We are raising funds to support a much-needed intervention. A possible solution to overcoming AIDS Survivor Syndrome.

Raising money for an older population in a youth-obsessed world has been challenging. Please donate anything you can. We are doing incredible work on a shoestring budget. We have no paid staff, so all donations to support our work. Much needed support groups led by professionals who are also survivors. Exercise classes for older adults living with HIV.

More broadly we've built a large online community and inspired chapters in four other cities.

We have HIV Long-Term Survivors support groups, exercise classes and socials to help end isolation.

We need YOUR dollars to continue our work. Every little bit helps.

We envision a world where long-term survivors aging with HIV thrive into long, healthy, dignified, engaged, meaningful and productive lives, free from stigma, ageism, and discrimination.

They are the heroes of AIDS epidemic and are just barely getting by, sadly too many have given up and ended there lives because they felt hopeless. LET'S PREVENT THAT FROM HAPPENING AGAIN.

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